How To Work with UX UI Developers to Create a Perfect Website?


Studies have shown that a well-designed UI can increase site
conversions by 200%, while a good site's UX can increase that rate by up to 400%. 

That means focusing on UX and UI is more crucial than ever in website development. However, UX and UI aren't limited to site development. 

It is also used to create new products and apps, a vital aspect of the ever-evolving tech world. As a digital marketing consultant, my day involves coordinating with UX and UI designers. 

To satisfy clients, I need to be updated on everything happening within the space that will ensure site longevity. That means I have to know all about the UX UI design trends and the interview questions for UX UI developers to find the right fit. 

However, not everyone knows what to ask and which UX UI design trends they should integrate into their project. That's where this article comes in. 

In the following section, I will discuss everything related to UX UI site development, trends, and what you should ask a UX UI developer in interviews. So, without any further delay, let's get into it!

What Are The Best UX UI Design Trends?

The state of UX UI is in constant flux as it is very much dependent on user preferences. That means UX UI design trends change as the year progresses; sometimes, they can change within months. 

However, there are trends that last, which is why you need to be informed about the design trends of yesteryear and keep an eye on the future. 

That's exactly what I will tell you in the following paragraphs. In addition, you will find the best design trends of 2022 and 2023 and the likely design trends of 2024. So, without any further delay, let's take a look at them!

Best Design Trends Of 2021

2021 was a year of change and a year of coming back. It was the year when people became accustomed to the new way of life during the pandemic. 

Even though the outside world had stood still, the online world went into overdrive. That meant 2021 saw an unprecedented development in UX UI. In 2021, several UX UI design trends stood out. 

Some were UX UI mainstays, along with some new ones. Here are some of the best UX UI design trends of 2021 you should know about:

  • Glassmorphism: It's a new UX UI trend that dominated much of 2021, where the interface utilizes a background blur effect that you can trace back to the Windows Vista interface. 

  • 3D Illustrations: 3D illustrations have been a mainstay in web design in previous years, and that didn't change in 2021. With visual elements like screen animation becoming easier and easier to make, UX UI designers are starting to integrate them more and more.  

  • Aesthetic Minimalism: Aesthetics is one of the cornerstones of UX UI, and with people preferring minimalism, this trend was no surprise, and I love it. It's nothing fancy. It is simple, minimal, readable, and easily navigatable.

  • Vibrant Colors: We've come a long way from bland websites. Vibrant color integration was a popping trend in 2021 and onwards. Almost all new web designs have splashes of color that provide a magical and ethereal vibe to the sites, making them much more fun to interact with. 

  • Real-Life Pictures: While illustrations and animations are popular, one thing we saw back in 2021 was the integration of real-life pictures within the site. It provides a mode of relatability that animations and illustrations usually cannot, and that's why users loved it!

  • Mixture Of Color And The Blurred Effect: This is a combination of Glassmorphism and vibrant color trends that make the interface look much more pleasing to the eye. This trend makes a website look warm and inviting while giving it an organic feel.

  • Bold Typography: Bold, big, and sophisticated typography plays a central role in web design, and it became a significant part of it in 2021. Plenty of websites now have bold typography, resulting in a typeface that looks quite extravagant. 

  • Geometric Elements: In 2021, there was a surge in designs utilizing geometric elements that make the site look tidy and conservative, which makes the information look sorted while also ensuring it is eye-catching. 

  • Brutalism: Brutalism rose to prominence in 2021, and it is a trend that divides opinion in the industry. While many love the strong contrasts and unconventional typography, others find it unsightly and deem it problematic with accessibility and readability. Given that this trend is an expression of deconstructing the traditional web design, it's no wonder it's so divisive. 

Best Design Trends Of 2024

2022 has been another year of continuous development. With the year winding down, you should know about all the trends that dominated this year. In the following, you will find the ten biggest design trends of 2022:

  • Advances In Cursor Interaction: Cursors have been a mainstay in online interaction since the beginning, and innovation in cursor design is a new focus that makes it part of the action and makes the sight more engaging.

  • Curating Personalized Experiences: It has been a long time coming, but finally, designs focus more on providing users with personalized experiences. In 2024, companies focus on delivering "the total package" and are utilizing design as their first step.

  • Innovation In Data Visualization: Data rules everything. In 2024, to provide personalized experiences, another trend was adopted in web design: the innovation in data visualization and translating that into designs that speak to the audience. 

  • Dark Mode Supremacy: While it isn't a new trend, dark mode is now becoming a mainstay in UX. It uses contrast to generate engagement, and in 2024, it continued to dominate the UX UI scene. 

  • Focus On Micro Interactions: What started as a buzzword is now an industry standard. Focusing on micro-interactions has become a full-fledged trend due to its role in making the overall user experience more engaging, interesting, and enjoyable than the traditional design focus.

  • Usage Of Newer 3D Design Tools: 3D content is all the rage in UX UI in 2024, and it was supercharged by the novelty newer 3D design tools provide. The new tools are lighter and make them accessible to a wide range of people who are finding innovative uses for 3D content within designs that provide users with meaningful experiences.

  • Cleaner Interfaces: Minimalism still reigns supreme, but more than simple, clean interfaces are needed. While the idea of having a decluttered UI is never going away, designers are integrating small elements that pop out of the design and create an impression on users.

  • Responsive Designs: The need for responsive design will be around for a while as devices with different screen sizes always come out. A fluid user interface that provides a seamless transitional experience for users on any device is the industry standard and will be for the foreseeable future. 

  • Integrated Gaming Experiences: Engagement is the game's name, meaning UX UI designers are tasked with creating designs that will keep users hooked. So it was no surprise that designing an integrated gaming experience became a trend within the industry. There isn't any better way to keep people engaged. Add to that the real monetary value of participating, and you will have a highly engaging site that provides intense value.  

  • AR & VR: With Meta, Walmart, and prominent real estate firms rushing to VR and AR, it should be no surprise that other companies are following suit. In 2024, the UX UI industry has been filled with designs that support VR and AR to make the user experience even more engaging. 

Which UX UI Design Trends Are Going To Dominate 2024?

With 2023 coming, you will find plenty of speculation on which UX UI trends are coming to the foray. However, with some certainty, cursor innovation, AR & VR, Integrated games, responsiveness, anti-modes, and the focus on micro-interactions will continue. 

While I also believe we will witness the prominence of neo-brutalist designs and handmade graphics, along with an immersive scrolling experience, will dominate. In addition, nostalgia will play a big part in web design in 2023. So there are plenty of things to look forward to. 


What Questions Should A UX UI Designer Ask When Interviewing?

Now that you know all about the UX UI trends, you are ready to work with a UX UI developer. But how do you find the right UX UI designer? 

You find the best UX UI designer by asking them poignant questions. To help you out, here is a list of questions you can ask to find the right UX UI designer who will help you bring your dream to reality. 

Now, before you go into asking these questions, make sure you know the answers. Also, understand that there are other things you can ask UX UI designers. 

You may find other questions with some research that might cater to your niche. But all in all, these are the basics every UX UI designer should know about. So let's check them out:

  • What is the meaning of DOCTYPE?

  • What is HTML?

  • What limitations are there when serving XHTML?

  • What's the difference between a bulleted list and a numbered list?

  • What does responsive design mean?

  • What does web accessibility mean?

  • Can you tell me the difference between a document and a window?

  • How to check if a variable has been set in PHP?

  • Is there any difference between HTML and XHTML?

  • How will you increase page load speed?

So once you get clear answers to these questions, you can rest assured that they will provide exemplary service. However, selecting a UX UI designer is also about finding the right balance between skill and chemistry. So make sure you work with people you are comfortable with.

Finding The Right Balance And Chemistry

So, we come to the end of this article. Hopefully, armed with the knowledge of what UX UI is, the recent trends that dominate, and the fundamental understanding of what your UX UI designer should be. 

Then, you can easily work with a UX UI developer and bring your project to life. Now, if you still have trouble understanding UX UI and how to work with developers. 

In that case, you can contact me, and I will personally provide you with an even more in-depth answer. Also, if you think I've missed something in this article. 

Feel free to let me know in the comments below or hit me up on the socials, and I will answer them all. That's about all I have for you today. I will be back with something new soon.

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