What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Do? Find Out From My First-Hand Experience!


The digital landscape has recently garnered considerable interest, and the intrigue is growing as it becomes more and more prominent with each passing day. 

Even at the height of the COVID pandemic, the digital marketing and ads industry was valued at around 350 Billion dollars. It is now expected to cross 700 billion by 2026. So, the intrigue is understandable. 

As a digital marketer, I have seen this sector's growth from a fad to becoming a cornerstone for businesses and a viable career option for many worldwide. Hi, my name is Shovon Joarder

I work in the digital sector as a digital marketing consultant for brands and organizations worldwide. My job is reaching customers, creating brand awareness, and helping promote products and services using digital platforms. 

What I love about my job is that it requires me to wear many hats. My role requires me to plan, be creative, and develop unique strategies for brands and businesses. 

A modern-day digital marketer does many things and needs to master many skills and tools to stay on top of the digital marketing game. 

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, and the number of digital channels is growing. As a result, marketers like me need to find and learn new ways to create, deploy, manage, and track campaigns. 

In daily life, I often get asked about what I do and the role of a digital marketer. Well, I thought I should address the question, "What does a modern-day digital marketer do?" from my experience. 

In the following passages, I will discuss everything from the general role of a digital marketer to the specialized jobs that digital marketers can have and some general information about digital marketing. So, without any further delay, let's start!

What Is Digital Marketing?

The simple definition of digital marketing is marketing through digital platforms. It is a surefire way to customers and promote brands, products, and services. 

Digital marketing uses several ways to do this, like websites, social media, search engines, mobile apps, email, text messages, and others. 

Digital marketers usually aim to establish a brand or corporate identity, conduct customer outreach, conduct information campaigns, boost user engagement, convert browsers into shoppers, increase revenue, and do anything else that signals growth. 

Now that you know what digital marketing is, let's examine what digital marketers do and their job responsibilities.

What Are Digital Marketers Responsible For?

As you guessed, a digital marketer uses digital channels to drive brand awareness and lead generation. 

At the start of my digital marketing career, most of my time was spent creating, posting, or updating content, monitoring or handling social interactions and campaigns, or working with ads and search engine optimization. I was responsible for everything related to bolstering the performance of my clients' digital channels. 

While those days are behind me, the responsibilities remain the same. Now, I have my team, and we do everything together. These are some of the things my team of digital marketers and I do daily:

  • Manage social media marketing campaigns, 
  • Work on search engine optimization 
  • Or search engine marketing efforts, 
  • Oversee email campaigns, 
  • And create content for a company blog.

These are not the only things that digital marketers do. Several other items must be done to have a wholesome digital marketing campaign. So, let's talk about the responsibilities of a digital marketer next.

The Typical Digital Marketer Job Description

As you know, digital marketing is an amalgamation of many skills, and some specialists work on each aspect to create a successful strategy. As a digital marketing consultant, my job is to develop and guide the efforts of every digital marketer in this space. 

Digital marketers vary in their duties and digital marketing skills. However, here are some of the everyday responsibilities you will find in a typical digital marketing job description:

  • Overall, digital marketers are responsible for outlining, strategizing, and executing digital marketing campaigns. It covers every digital marketing sector, including search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC.
  • Digital marketers are responsible for managing social media growth. It includes everything from identifying the optimal social media platforms and channels to ensuring audience engagement grows.
  • Digital marketers are also responsible for identifying the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) by analyzing the market, competitors, and past campaigns.
  • Digital marketers are also responsible for researching and discovering new opportunities for lead generation and boosting conversion numbers. 
  • One of the most important responsibilities in every job description for digital marketers is collaboration. That's because digital marketers need to collaborate with everyone, from the designers to the developers to the communications professionals, to ensure the campaign rollout is successful. 

These are the responsibilities of a modern-day digital marketer. But of course, these can vary, and there are other responsibilities businesses and agencies may require of their digital marketers. 

Now that I've explained the job description for a digital marketer let's discuss the different types of digital marketers out there. 


Types Of Digital Marketers

The digital marketing industry is a broad field with plenty of specialized positions. However, specialists with the proper knowledge can have a massive career in this space. Here are some of the popular types of jobs in digital marketing!

Digital Marketing Specialist/Consultant

If you have enough experience, you may also be known as a digital marketing manager. The job of a digital marketing specialist is to oversee everything from content marketing efforts to the overall progression of different campaigns across all channels. My job is to grow the brand's customer base by driving traffic and increasing brand awareness and recognition. 

Digital marketer also needs to keep up to date on new technological developments within the field to ensure they continuously find ways to optimize their digital marketing efforts. Also, the campaign and overall analysis of the brand is a must-have part of being a digital marketing specialist. 

SEO Manager

The job of an SEO specialist is to use their knowledge of the inner workings of search engines to help drive traffic and improve content. 

An SEO specialist or manager will work on content development and projects to help clients gain traction in search results by assisting them in ranking high for related terms. 

SEO specialists must also provide insight into content optimization so that the content performs well on search engines and social media. 

Content Marketing Specialist

Their job is to create content and provide a strategy to increase traffic and Google rankings. A content marketing specialist's plan will include specialized content for everything like print, video, blogs, and social media. 

Sometimes content marketers work under SEO specialists or with the SEO teams to identify keywords that would improve the impact of the content on marketing efforts. 

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is in charge of creating effective social media content for all the platforms and then creating a scheduling strategy to maximize the impact and encourage audience interactions. 

The right social media manager can harness audience insights to drive traffic to websites from social media platforms. They also work as public relations liaisons, handling audience interactions most of the time. 

Automation Coordinator

Automation coordinators in digital marketing are responsible for determining the effects and results of a marketing campaign. It's a technical position that requires being on top of the latest technological developments to help identify essential customer behaviors. 

An automation coordinator is also usually involved in measurement, web analytics, and statistics while tracking campaign performance.

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI designer is responsible for the end-to-end development of websites and digital marketing applications. 

To be successful, they need to see the website from a digital marketing perspective, whether they are working with developers or a marketing agency. They must also understand audiences and gain in-depth knowledge of the client's product or service. 

Email Marketers

Email, even to this day, remains one of the best outlets to reach committed audiences. However, it is a highly technical content development and marketing sector where they work on lead generation from the get-go. 

They often work with digital marketing specialists and Content Managers on targeted campaigns.

What Skills Does A Modern-Day Digital Marketer Need To Have?

From my experience, I've seen that if you want to survive and make a name for yourself in the digital marketing landscape, you need to understand where the technology is moving. 

It's not only about the ideas that are presented but about having enough foresight to see what potential challenges might arise. Then, you should be able to suggest improvements that can leave a long-lasting impact but are also within the realm of feasibility. 

The following are two essential aspects that every modern-day digital marketer must have if they want to make a living in this space. So let's check them out!

Being Tech Savvy

Technology is at the heart of digital marketing. As a digital marketer, I constantly look at new technology and learn how to use it. 

Slow progress in digital transformation usually means being left behind by the industry, which keeps changing and evolving. 

Marketers who can adapt quickly and understand what's coming up to ensure that digital marketing efforts are as impactful as they can be are the ones who are successful. 

As a digital marketer, you need to feel comfortable around technology, and you cannot be intimidated by change or afraid to try new technology. 

Speak to any other digital marketing expert. They will tell you that this space is about talent and technology. So, knowledge of web coding and Content Management (CMS) systems is a must for the modern-day digital marketer. 

Understanding The Value Of Engagements

Digital marketing is all about understanding and connecting with customers on a personal level. So it shouldn't be surprising that understanding how to engage a customer is a cornerstone of being a successful modern-day digital marketer. In addition, to create innovative campaigns that generate growth, you need excellent persuasion skills. 

You must understand the audience enough to commit and convert to making a purchase. Generating followers on social media is just part of the job. 

As a digital marketer in the 21st century, you also need to be able to persuade from within. Your team and client must be convinced that your recommendations are the right ones for growth. 

Understanding every aspect of the digital marketing landscape, from content and SEO to the latest technology and what people respond to, ensures your team and clients are always on board with your marketing ideas. 

Being A Modern-Day Digital Marketer

Hopefully, now you know what digital marketers do and the job's responsibilities. As you can see, there is no one type of digital marketer. 

Specialization plays an essential role, and knowing the entire makeup of the digital marketing sector is also vital. That's about it for today. 

I have tried to answer my questions about the digital marketer job from my perspective and experience. I hope you understand the intricacies of being a digital marketer and our work's complexities. 

If you feel like some questions haven't been answered, please drop them in the comments below or reach out to me, and I will answer them personally. 

You can follow me on my socials and the blog to discover what discoveries and experiences I have as a digital marketer. I will come back with something new about the industry for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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